Portland Harbour Tours

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Experience Portland's natural wonders and industrial beauty from the sea.

Bookings phone 0438392197

Experience Portland's natural wonders and industrial beauty from the sea.

Bookings phone 0438392197

See abundant marine life at the gateway to Bass Strait

About the Tours

Harbour Tour

Come with us for an unforgettable tour of the iconic Port of Portland, the world’s largest export facility of woodchip. Experience the hum of activity generated by this unique asset at Portland’s foreshore. The Harbour Tour ventures into the heart of the port with exclusive access to shipping berths and the commercial fishing fleet. Be dwarfed by the immense scale of the woodchip piles, grain silos and cargo ships. Be intrigued by the feats of engineering and mechanized obscurities.

Juxtaposed against the industrial backdrop of the Port the wildlife abounds with resident seals and birds playing and feeding. A glimpse of a Sea Eagle, stingray and even a whale is not out of the question. A working Port like no other!





Lawrence Rocks Seal Tour

On this tour we leave the calm waters of the Port of Portland and head out into the rugged Southern Ocean bound for Lawrence Rocks. A short and picturesque boat ride along the coast takes us out to the passage leading to Lawrence Rocks. There is never a dull moment at ‘The Rock’ as you are greeted with playful and inquisitive Australian fur seals. They are there in large numbers basking in the sun and diving through the water or just waiting for a boat to show up!

Your won’t be able to ignore the noisy activity of squabbling, nesting and resting Australasian Gannets. Lawrence Rocks is a significant nesting site for the 6000 pairs of Gannets who call it home during their migration. Whales and dolphins are a seasonal bonus but are not guaranteed. The Lawrence Rocks Seal Tour will operate subject to weather conditions. Please contact us for information.

Custom Tour


This service is available outside our scheduled tours. The vessel is available for private charter and will attract an hourly rate and custom itinerary. A skipper/tour guide will be provided and additional charges may be incurred for duration longer than 1.5 hours. Please contact us for further information.

Tour Prices

  • Harbour Tour


    40 minute Boat Tour

    Local Guide

    Tour Portland Harbour

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  • Lawrence Rocks Tour


    1 hour tour
    Local Guide
    Southern Ocean Experience

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  • Custom


    private tour
    6 person minimum

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  • Cruise with us on this unique journey through the industrious and energetic Port of Portland



  • The tour around the harbour was relaxing and informative. Johnny was very knowledgeable about the area and shared a lot of fascinating facts throughout. The view of the township and foreshore was lovely but the main attraction for me was being able to view the industrial side of the port close up. I highly recommend taking a tour.

  • Thank you so much John, we had a wonderful time on our Harbour Tour this morning . What a wonderful thing for Portland to have..





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